from by Julia Feltham

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Milieu is a "the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops", the space between.
About meaningfilled flings & wondering whether you should have your cake n' eat it too.
For Brent


I have been a lone wolf for some time
For a time For a time
But now tire of no one
Knowing my body or my
I have been suspicious of those who
Thought I was a find
But I can share a moment with you
for we are of the same kind
(I can only share my moments
With someone I admire)

Well lust can be healing
If you know what you do
If I gave you a moment
Would you learn from this milieu

Could we act with love
So I can lend you all my care
Could we act with love
Even if it goes no where

Don't let me say
This ain't a thing
I want to celebrate your worth because I know you are a king
Even if it's a fling

But Lust can be hurting
If hearts aren't true
If we shared in this moment
Do you promise to be you?

Because In acts of love
I cannot hide all that I am
Because in acts with love you can't hide
Though you fear you can
Though I fear you can

So if you touch you'll teach me
You may shape me but you can't break this
I can only learn from you
In this milieu
(Thank you Thank you Thank you)


from Julia Feltham, released July 2, 2011
Charles Austin- Echo Chamber



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Julia Feltham Halifax, Nova Scotia

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